Lady Di’s British Shop and Tea Room

I want to give a shout-out to my friend S. in Portland, OR who celebrated her birthday at Lady Di’s British Shop & Tea Room in downtown Lake Oswego, OR.  She treated herself and 3 friends to their first afternoon tea!  What a wonderful gift!  S. was very kind to share photos from her special day.

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S. reported that the teas were Twinings brand tea bags.  Each guest got their own little teapot.  Though the teas were delicious, S. said she would have preferred a properly brewed cuppa of loose leaf tea.

Mini quiche and sandwiches: Cream cheese and cucumber, salmon spread and cucumber, turkey and tomato, and Cheddar and chutney

Lady Di’s Tea Room has an interesting business model for sandwiches–guests get to choose one sandwich from the menu.  Portion-wise, one sandwich makes 4 little sandwiches which is enough to satiate any appetite.  It sure beats trying to figure out what to do with leftover sandwiches when you don’t have an even number of guests.  However, one sandwich is boring … unless you have tea with at least 4 friends so that you can each order a different sandwich to share!  I understand that one of the delights of afternoon tea is sharing it with friends but I might be in the minority since I don’t mind having tea by myself. 😉

According to S., “Everything tasted good. The scones were not as good as Marlene’s but tasted fine.”

Fresh fruit garnish with Eton Mess (strawberries, meringue cookies, and whipped cream), lemon bars, shortbread, and chocolate pound cake

And last but not least, here is some “British” bathroom humor.  I think it’s strange to find bathroom humor in tea rooms but it’s not uncommon?!  Even at the St. James Tearoom, which is probably my favorite “British” style tea room, they have some bathroom humor.  Their restroom is known as the Winston Churchill room or the WC (i.e., water closet). 🙂

Thank you, S. for reporting on Lady Di’s British Shop & Tea Room!  Happy birthday to you and may you find time for more afternoon tea in the coming year!

“Make tea, not war.”
― Monty Python

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