VTS Autumn Tea 2015

Lady K. hosted the 2015 Victorian Tea Society Autumn Tea.

DSC05867 (Small)

The table settings are meticulous. See the tablecloth

invitationautumnteaI had been wanting to visit Marlene’s Tea & Cakes ever since they opened so I was excited when I learned that Lady K. had chosen to host the next VTS tea here.  DSC05862 (Small)Marlene’s is an elegant white tablecloth tea house and I appreciate the spacious interior.  I get nervous when I visit tea houses with too many china cabinets and furniture arranged in too-close-for-comfort quarters resembling Victorian parlors.grass

The next important detail was the tea.  It was brewed properly (thank you, THANK YOU!), the temperature of the tea stayed warm for a long time, and the selection was wonderful.

DSC05874 (Small)

Paris (black tea with bergamot and hints of vanilla and caramel). A very smooth black tea. Excellent!  I love the lady bug on the inside of this teacup!

menuOne thing I really appreciate about Marlene’s is the attention and care given to the food, its quality, its presentation, and its variety.  They change their menu monthly (not just seasonally!) which keeps customers coming back (unlike other tea houses that shall not be named)!

DSC05889 (Small)

Mango & Friends herbal tea, lightly sweetened by dried mango, oranges, and blossoms

Butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup (delicious with a hint of curry!)

DSC05881 (Small)

DSC05888 (Small) (2)

Sandwiches and savories (left to right, clockwise from top): Cucumber sandwich, Blue cheese mascarpone and red onion confit quiche, Sweet & savory turkey pinwheel, Ham and sweet potato biscuit, and Mini beef Wellington.

DSC05885 (Small)

Fresh fruit and raspberry & white chocolate scones.  See how the fruit is so nicely cut?

DSC05899 (Small)

DSC05902 (Small)

Bonus dessert: Marlene’s pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting

DSC05909 (Small)

Desserts (left to right, clockwise from top): Marlene’s teacake (shortbread), Pumpkin bread, Carrot cake, Mini pumpkin pie, and Chocolate toffee trifle.

All the food was excellent.  Furthermore, Marlene was a pastry chef before she opened her tea house and it shows in the quality and creative execution of her desserts!  I don’t understand tea houses that outsource their desserts or foods. 😦

DSC05912 (Small)

Lady K’s tea favor (vegan gluten-free sugar cookies from Starry Lane Bakery). The fall colors and theme were a very nice touch!

DSC05916 (Small)

Lady M’s tea favor (Pumpkin spice potpourri)

One of the Victorian Tea Society’s traditions is to buy a gift for the hostess.  Lady K. received a Downton Abbey Christmas tea ornament from Lady T. that was particularly charming.  I had to include this here as a feast for the eyes since it possesses the hallmark of every good miniature: Details!  You will see something different from every angle!

IMG_9495 (Small)

CUTE TEA THING: Downton Abbey Christmas tree ornament with silver teapot and 2 china teacups (photo by Lady J.) FRONT

Okay everyone, all together now … “Awwww … how cuuuute!!”  I know, right? 😉

Photo by Lady J.

CUTE TEA THING: Cucumber sandwiches and scones (photo by Lady J.) BACK

Marlene’s is definitely going down in my books as my favorite tea house!  Thank you Lady K. for hosting a wonderful autumn tea!



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