A Membership Tea

This afternoon tea was held at Lady J’s house.  The purpose of this tea was to recruit and welcome new members to a local women’s philanthropy group.  Our very own members put together all the table settings and made the food.  There were 50 women in attendance and the event took 3 months to plan.

DSC03970 (Small)

Miniature garden

Miniature garden

Feast your eyes on some beautiful table settings!

DSC03969 (Small)

DSC03964 (Small) DSC03967 (Small)DSC039462 (Small) DSC03958 (Small) DSC039502 (Small) DSC03951 (Small)DSC03957 (Small)DSC03949 (Small) DSC03962 (Small)DSC03947 (Small)DSC03948 (Small)DSC03953 (Small)DSC03944 (Small) DSC039442 (Small)DSC03942 (Small) DSC039422 (Small)DSC03941 (Small)js table DSC03954 (Small) DSC03955 (Small)DSC03940 (Small)Old and new members alike were impressed with the quality, variety, and creativity of the food.  Some asked who catered the tea and they couldn’t believe it when we revealed that all the foods were made by our own members that very morning!

Fresh fruit and arugula salad with cashews

Fresh fruit and arugula salad with cashews

DSC03976 (Small)

Pinwheel sandwiches with cream cheese and olives, Calla lily sandwiches, and curried chicken salad on rye

DSC03978 (Small)

Stuffed mushrooms, Cucumber with salmon mousse, and Rosemary, Parmesan, and walnut savory shortbread

DSC03973 (Small)

Pecan bites with goat cheese and honey, mini Black Russian cakes, and lavender tea cookies

Ginger scones

Ginger scones

condimentsBy all accounts, it was the most successful membership drive in the history of our organization as we recruited 10 new members!  Congratulations, Ladies!



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