Happy Mother’s Day!

The Mother’s Day tea I hosted last year was such a success that I decided to do it again this year.  This was a tea that I enjoyed creating and organizing for my Mom and I couldn’t have done it without D.’s help!  D. is truly my best and most reliable sous chef!  🙂

My Mom loves roses so I tried to incorporate roses into the tea.  I recently learned how to fold a napkin rose at Lady J.’s tea.  Since my paper napkins were not big enough to include the leaves, I compromised and made a napkin rosette.  Since I like to follow the golden rule of not putting anything on a place that is not edible (napkins excepted!), I used lettuce to stand in for the missing leaves.

DSC03396 (Small)I started off the tea with a soup, puree of celery with caraway seeds.  Usually served cold, I decided to serve it warm since I did not plan a savories course.

Puree of celery soup with caraway seeds

Puree of celery soup with caraway seeds, garnished with celery leaves (from Cold soups by Linda Ziedrich)

Spring mesclun salad

Spring mesclun salad with heart shaped beets and red radishes

Fruit cup

Fruit cup (with fresh blueberries and mint from the garden)

DSC03398 (Small)

DSC03401 (Small)

Sandwiches with jewels befitting Mom (open face radish sandwiches with cream cheese on rye bread and curried chicken salad on mini croissants)

I used a biscuit cutter to cut out bread rounds for the cucumber sandwiches.

DSC03403 (Small)

Cucumber sandwiches with Herbes de Provence cream cheese on cracked wheat sourdough and Eggless tofu salad sandwiches on mini croissants and French baguettes

Assorted mini desserts from a local patisserie: Apple crumble tartlet, pistachio macaron, tiramisu, lemon meringue tartlet, salted caramel macaron, pistachio nougat cake, and (center) Passionfruit & mango cake

A big thank you to D. for helping to make this Mother’s Day tea a success!  And last but not least, Happy Mother’s Day!  I love you, Mom!

“Where there is tea, there is love.”

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